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Good evening all! This week, I'd like to focus on [ profile] nejna. Nejna has a textured, realistic style that really draws the viewer in. The amount of detail put into each piece is just amazing to me. Here's a few of my favorites. And DO click through to see each piece full-size. There's really no other way to get the glory of them.

HP: Rules by ~nejna on deviantART

HP: Annoying by ~nejna on deviantART

HP: Don't be a bad girl by ~nejna on deviantART

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Good afternoon, Dramione shippers! For this installment of my bi-weekly recs, I'd like to guide you all to the Wayback Machine and visit a couple of classic Dramione fanarts. There are so many beautiful pieces from talented artists that I could seriously hurt your reading lists with posts, but I'll stick to just three of my longtime favorites. XD

Dance With Me by ~Saphirus on deviantART

HP: Midnight Flight by ~malena-sama on deviantART

Draco Hermione look at me edit by *clefchan on deviantART

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This week, I'd like to share an artist I discovered late last year thanks to Tumblr. These are all from [ profile] skyltik. I love the soft style, very reminiscent of watercolor to me.

Hospital Wing by ~Skyltik on deviantART

Best day by ~Skyltik on deviantART

Sometimes he remembers the war by ~Skyltik on deviantART

That last one is SO VERY MUCH in my headcanon that I'm shocked, SHOCKED I say, that the artist wasn't personally rummaging around in my brain for it. XD
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One of my New Year's resolutions is to do a bi-weekly rec post of Dramione things I've found around the internet. Spreading the love, y'know. XD

Week 1: A couple of (belated) Christmas fanarts.

Happy Christmas Draco by ~annogueras on deviantART

Merry Dramione Christmas! by *malena-sama on deviantART

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Two excellent bits of fanart if you like your Draco/Hermione to be A Very Potter Musical-flavored ([personal profile] mswyrr, I'm looking at you! ;)

Both pictures are totally work safe, I just cut them for size.

First one is awesome, because of course Hermione would know that spell! Also, I love Hermione's hair in the second one. Too cute! :D

Draco's Fantasy by TheGirlWhoIsATinyGal )

Draco's Daydream by EsenEcho )

([personal profile] musyc, do you think it would be appropriate to have an 'a very potter musical' tag or something? It's such an odd deviation from canon - almost a canon of its own - that I thought I'd inquire.)
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Draco/Hermione fanart for everyone!

Seven very cute Winter and Christmas Draco/Hermione Drawings )

One cute comic )

And two more which I couldn't embed, because they didn't have an embed code:

It's your lucky day, Granger by irishgirl982
Longing for the Opposite by DevilTrish
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Inspired by a conversation I had with [personal profile] eevilalice, I want to know what are your favorite fanart portrayals of Draco and Hermione? My favorite ones are Makani's illustrations.

Feel free to link your own recs in the comments! I love fanart recs. :D

Makani's Fanart of Draco and Hermione (But, alas, no Draco/Hermione) )

Draco/Hermione fanart favorites (mostly shamelessly stolen from Musyc's Dramione favorites on DeviantArt)

Draco/Hermione Fanart )
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Dramione Remix ([ profile] dramione_remix) recently wrapped up, with roughly forty entries. The idea behind the remix was that "participants will choose from a list of famous couples throughout history, mythology, literature, folklore, legend, etc. Then they will remix the original couples' story, choosing whatever elements of the original story that they find inspiring to create a brand new Dramione fic or piece of art!"

I decided to do a list of my personal favorites, as there were a staggering number of entries, particularly long ones. There's a lot of the following on this list:

1) Gender role-reversal of the couple
2) Reinterpretation of the story or interpretation of concept/theme, rather than a straight re-telling

Top Three Four Favorites

Constrictor (5,560 words) | Teen | by Riptey (on LJ)
Couple: Othello/Desdemona (Othello)
Summary: Draco isn’t really that bad of a person--not anymore, that is--but try telling him that. It’s going to take a lot of convincing.

Not-Astronomy-Class (5,917 words) | Teen | by Elyaeru (on LJ)
Couple: Flynn/Rapunzel (Rapunzel)
Summary: It was either have pointy things sticking into his bum all evening or talk to a drunk Hermione Granger. He chose the latter.
Notes: I freakin' adored this twist on magical hair. :D

Perish the Universe (31,389 words) | Mature | by Dayang Lucilla (on LJ)
Couple: Bonnie/Clyde
Summary: Perish the universe provided I have my revenge. - Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac
Heaven has no wrath like grief to rancor turned, nor hell a fury like a parent anguished.
In 2010, Britain is rocked by the unsolved disappearance of a little girl, daughter to Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy.
In 2011, America is rattled by a series of scattered and strange crimes, cold cases before the corpses even cooled.
A story of Draco and Hermione on a journey of vendetta, and a journey back to each other.

Different Names For The Same Place (No word count given. Likely 100,000+) | Mature | by [ profile] namelessamelie
Couple: Rhett/Scarlett
Summary: Sometimes, the wind blows us places we’ve never dreamed.
Notes: Devastating and fantastic.


Eleven More Recommendations )

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[ profile] fireflys_locket posted this over at [ profile] dramione, and I thought I'd share it over here as well. [ profile] fireflys_locket plays The Sims, and made an awesome story of adorableness explosions for Draco/Hermione fans while making a banner for their story.

[ profile] fireflys_locket: A Hate You, Hate Me Halloween
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Also known as I came across some cool fanart and wanted to share it:

Cute Fanart )

Some Gorgeous Manips )

I'm not sure how to tag this entry? Would fanwork: art be best, or something along the line of recs: fanart? :)