Sep. 3rd, 2010 10:17 pm
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Dramione refugees, represent! XD

Okay, so this comm hasn't seen much activity, but I'm hoping to see that change. We want to get posts and links and all sorts of joy going on. Feel free to introduce yourself if you're new, re-introduce yourself if you've been around for a while and please! enjoy yourself.

(Sorry about the long rules post, btw, but I needed to leave it uncut to make it a sticky post. DW does those different.)

Rules Post

Sep. 3rd, 2010 10:00 pm
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1. Please respect your fellow members. Flaming, attacking, insulting, etc. others is not acceptable. If you are having problems with another member, please contact the mod.

Because it has come up often enough, please do not make posts that primarily composed of "things I hate in fan fic". If you want to see what other members think about the use of a certain term or a certain characterization (or something else in fan fic), if they like or dislike them, you are more than welcome to post if framed as a discussion. At no point are you allowed to insult or attack other members for the views they hold.

Rules Under Here: Read and Follow! )
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This post concerns: affiliates, archives, resources, and communities/websites.

This list, graciously borrowed from the compilation on Livejournal's Dramione community, is by no means definitive. If you would like to suggest the inclusion of a site/community to this list, please reply to this post.
Archives, Websites, and Communities )
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Notice Notice Notice!

[personal profile] musyc is now the mod of [community profile] dramione here on Dreamwidth.

That is all. :)


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