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I've been getting a small spate of PMs asking me if I still have AO3 invites, so in light of the deletions, I thought I'd make a post offering them up to the Dramione community.

I have a ton of invites, and in the interests of offering more archival options to authors, if you want one, either:

1) Leave your email in the comments


2) Send me an email at


3) Send me a PM with your email address

(I guessed on which tags would be appropriate, feel free to re-tag as necessary!)
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For anyone who's looking at [community profile] dhr_advent and thinking to themselves that only one fic per day is just not going to meet their Draco/Hermione seasonal needs, I'd recommend that you check out [ profile] idreamofdramione!

[ profile] idreamofdramione is running a Dramione Christmas Countdown, "a small list of Dramione fics/one shots/drabbles every day until Christmas Eve (and maybe an extra day for new ones). Not all of these are Christmas specifically, some of them may have a mention of it, or set during winter time or celebrating New Years."

Follow along at the Dramione Christmas Countdown: Master List

The fics are from all different sites, from the old [ profile] dramione_advent,, Hawthorn & Vine, AO3, and people's personal journals, so you're highly like to find something that you haven't read before. :)
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In honor of the end of posting at the Deflower Draco fest, I thought I'd do a round-up of some of the AO3 collections and subcollections that exist for either Dramione or other HP fests/exchanges/communities that allow Dramione.

If you have an AO3 account and your fic already posted, it looks like most of these collections are open and unmoderated, which means you can easily add your fic to them if your work was part of that fest/exchange! The DM/HG Fic & Art Exchange and the Deflower Draco collections are currently pretty sparse, but I hope that'll change in the future. :)

If you don't have an AO3 account and want one, there's currently 10 AO3 codes up for offer at [community profile] ao3some.

Deflower Draco ([ profile] deflower_draco): Deflower Draco Parent Collection | Deflower Draco 2011 Subcollection

DM/HG Fic & Art Exchange ([ profile] dmhgficexchange): Parent Collection | Each of the Ten Subcollections

Daily Deviant ([ profile] daily_deviant): Parent Collection | No Subcollections

Smutty Claus Exchange ([ profile] smutty_claus): Parent Collection | No Subcollections

If you know of any Dramione-allowing collections that I've missed, drop me a line and I'll add it to the list!

Note: This post is obscenely self-interested, because I recently got a Kindle, which means that I am now scouring AO3 for ebook downloads. It is now my life plan to get all the Dramione fic ever written onto AO3. [personal profile] eevilalice and [personal profile] musyc already have fic living on my Kindle. I MUST GET MORE FIC TO JOIN THEIR WORK!

/evil laughter
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Has anyone else noticed, yet? It must have gone up just last night or something! Look at it, it's so pretty!

Colors! Colors everywhere!
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Dear [community profile] dramione,

I did a giant rec post for my reading circle, and I figured that you might be interested as well. So, I am cross-posting the entire thing. Also, it would be very lovely if we could get a fanfiction recommendation tag or some such thing.

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The ship that ate my brain. I don't even remember how I fell into this one less than two months ago; I think I was running around someone's rec post, saw 'Draco/Hermione,' laughed at the ridiculous impossibility of it, read it on a whim, and then was eaten by a giant obsession for this ship.

At it's best, Draco/Hermione is all the deliciousness of rivals-turn-to-romance, all the humor from two clever people snarking at each other, all the tragedy of a world that has experienced two devastating wars, and all the amazing world-building of the Harry Potter canon world. It can also be quite dark, given the amount of war-AUs, but even then the personalities carry over into painfully sharp interactions.

All I can say is, hell, try it. There are some incredible authors who have written for this pairing, including one who wrote what is probably one of my favorite works of fiction, never mind fanfiction, for this ship.

Note: I meant to go through the entire [ profile] dmhgficexchange archive, but this post was already threatening to explode under its own weight. That exchange will get its own rec post at a later date. I also have an working draft post entirely for Veela!Draco fic. (SOS: Send help, life consumed by this ship. Help me!)

If you find busted links, please let me know! Also, as always, if you have a rec, let me know! I <3 reading fic. :)

Fics That Taste Like Canon

Nothing Like the Sun | MA | by [ profile] musesfool
Summary/Excerpt: "The war was going badly. Hermione could admit that in the silence of her own head, even if she would never tell Harry."

Only the Cold | PG | by blue movies
Summary/Excerpt: While in Charms class, Vincent Crabbe muses about Draco Malfoy's feelings for Hermione Granger.

Prisoners (2140 words) / on H+V | MA | by faviconningloreth
Summary/Excerpt: When Harry and Ron escape from Malfoy Manor, Hermione’s left behind.

The Gentle Strains | G | by yesterday4 / [ profile] yesterday4
Summary/Excerpt: Astoria witnesses a moment between Draco and Hermione.
Note: Epilogue-compliant.

Lights Out | MA | by Phoebe
Summary/Excerpt: And that’s why they’re there this first Tuesday night, he and Granger. They walk through the dark places of Hogwarts, after all the dormitory lights go out, and Hogwarts’ students resign themselves to whatever waits in their dreams.

My Handful of All-Star Favorites

The Politician's Wife (65871 words) / on H+V | R | by faviconpir8fancier
Summary/Excerpt: This story is set twenty-three years after the fall of Voldemort. Our main characters are Ministry employees, middle-aged, and the majority of them not very happy.
Notes: This is the story that is one of my favorite works of fiction. I just. I can't even. It's twenty years later, it's about mid-life crises, about marriages falling apart, about questioning what you want, and about what defines us. Seriously. Read the damn thing.

The Rest of My Favorite D/Hr Fics, Five Billion More Recs, Author Recs, Archive Recs, Community Recs, and the shattered pieces of what feels like a kajllion hours of time. )