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I <3 betas! I'm on roughly the 10th draft of a story, and I would really like someone else's perspective. I am kind of at the point where I can no longer accurately tell if the story is entertaining or not, alas. D:

Pen Name: faviconworksofstone (see AO3 profile for previous work)
Rating of the story: Teen for strong innuendo and completely clothed kissing.
Spoilers/Time Line/Era: EWE
Pairing: Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger
Beta Type: I'm looking for someone who can give me a quick set of editorial opinions. Spelling and grammar checking would be great, but what I really need is someone who can diagnose a story and go 'this part works,' 'this part doesn't' or 'the emotional arc doesn't make sense.'
Harshness: Feel free to say anything you like.
Warning: No warnings apply

Extras: The story is 4,659 words long, and is post-war Ministry co-workers snark and fluff, with a side of drunken confessions. I need someone who can do a 24-hour turn-around on this story. I know that's an obscenely tight deadline, and I wouldn't expect a line by line crit. Even a paragraph of 'this worked for me, this didn't' would be fantastic.

If you're interested and able to beta this story, email me at and I'll send you the files. If more than one person would like to volunteer, that'd be great!

Note: I did put up request posts at [ profile] hp_betas and [ profile] hp_betas_wanted, but made the strategic mistake of linking to AO3 in attempt to provide more info to potential betas. Now both my posts there are probably in the Queue of Permanent Death, due to the LJ whitelist issues. I'm contacting the mods to see if I can get those posts out of the queue. Definitely a strategic mistake to link to AO3 on those counts! D:

Betas found! Thank you so much, community! <3
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I have a 90% complete first draft of a gender-flipped, No Voldemort, AU seventh year fic. It's not magical gender swapping, rather this is a No Voldemort!AU where Draco's always been female, Hermione has always been male, etc.

Characters Who Switched Genders: Hermione, Draco, Harry, Ron

I'm looking for a gender roles/power dynamics beta, because I'm trying to sort things out regarding what's going on between Draco and Hermione. Specifically, it's a fic about their first time sleeping together, and totally came out of some thoughts I had following the Deflower Draco fest. Namely, Virgin!Draco and some left-over thoughts from Granger's Sessions by the_woods_ (which is an awesome fic) about pure-blood/Muggle-born relationships in Voldemort-free AUs.

I'm trying to untangle some power dynamics snarls between the two (who's a virgin, who isn't, what does this event mean to both of them, how do they perceive it), as well as deal with the gender swap in a way that keeps the characters themselves and doesn't just hit them with stereotypical gender roles as a default cop-out. I keep on getting jammed up on the logic/motivation, and I'd love to talk the draft over with someone (or someones).

If betaing gender roles and power dynamics sounds up your alley, drop me a line via comment or at There's no deadline on this fic, it's just something I'm writing for fun. :)
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I'm looking for a brit-picker for an HP Darkfest ([ profile] hp_darkfest) submission.

The Story Details:

3,000-ish words, gen-ish, with one-sided Draco/Hermione. Rated Teen. Character death (not Draco or Hermione), Oblivation and modification of memories.

HP Darkfest submissions were due today, October 16th, but I've gotten a small extension from the mods in order to find a brit-picker. I would need a brit-picker who could britpick the fic within the next 48 hours (aka before October 19th :) ) .

If you're interested, drop me a comment or a PM with your email address! Thank you for reading my request.

*edit* - britpicker found!
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I was wondering if anyone(s) had the time or inclination to beta an HP Darkfest ([ profile] hp_darkfest) submission?

3,000-ish words, gen-ish, with a one-sided Draco/Hermione. Roughly rated Teen. Implied character death (not Draco or Hermione), and Oblivation and modification of memories.

Submissions are due on October 16th, so, uh, yeah (I may end up throwing myself on the fest mods' mercy and getting a small extension so I can somehow find a britpicker). XD

If you're interested, drop me a comment or a PM with your email address. I may have to go to sleep soon-ish, but if I do, I'd be able to get email it out in about seven hours. It's already HTML formatted, so I'd just need beta'd drafts returned sometime before 10pm EST on October 16th.

edit - beta found, thank you community! :)
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Hi community!

I'm looking for a beta for my [ profile] deflower_draco fic. [ profile] deflower_draco's current round is focusing on het stories with Virgin!Draco, which I'm sure is of interest to some people in this community. :P

You say that it is a little late to look for a beta for a fic due on August 22nd? Well, yes. It totally is. I was really, really planning on finishing this fic sooner! Still, here I am! I posted previously in [ profile] hp_betas_wanted and [ profile] hp_betas for a different fic, but got no bites. So, I figured I should come directly to Dramione-shippers! I can't give many details about the fic, as [ profile] deflower_draco is anonymous, but it's looking like it's going to be about 15k and MA/NC-17/E/(Pick the highest rating possible). No warnings, other than unrepentant smut, apply to the fic. Everyone is overage and everything is consensual.

I've actually never written sex scenes before, so I'm a bit worried that I have totally botched it and written really baffling scenes. POV, tenses and the like are proving to be a bit tricky for sex scenes, so I'm looking for a beta who'd be very comfortable reading, critiquing and de-tangling explicit scenes as needed. I'd also love general feedback on story flow/characterization and the like, but my main concern is finding a reader who's willing to read and take apart the explicit sections. For obvious reasons, a beta would also need to be overage. :)

I'm hoping to have the first draft finished today or (at the latest) tomorrow, so of betaing this fic on a tight deadline sounds up your alley, drop me a line! I would really, really be grateful. :)

Also, this fic should pretty much be Exhibit A in the song 'The Internet is for Porn'. Wait, you don't know that song? Let me link it! (It is totally NSFW!)