musyc: Draco and Hermione from Harry Potter, about to kiss (Draco/Hermione: Kiss)
Come Hell or High Water ([personal profile] musyc) wrote in [community profile] dramione2013-03-27 03:20 pm
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Recs: Week 7

Good afternoon, Dramione shippers! For this installment of my bi-weekly recs, I'd like to guide you all to the Wayback Machine and visit a couple of classic Dramione fanarts. There are so many beautiful pieces from talented artists that I could seriously hurt your reading lists with posts, but I'll stick to just three of my longtime favorites. XD

Dance With Me by ~Saphirus on deviantART

HP: Midnight Flight by ~malena-sama on deviantART

Draco Hermione look at me edit by *clefchan on deviantART

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