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Rules Post

1. Please respect your fellow members. Flaming, attacking, insulting, etc. others is not acceptable. If you are having problems with another member, please contact the mod.

Because it has come up often enough, please do not make posts that primarily composed of "things I hate in fan fic". If you want to see what other members think about the use of a certain term or a certain characterization (or something else in fan fic), if they like or dislike them, you are more than welcome to post if framed as a discussion. At no point are you allowed to insult or attack other members for the views they hold.

2. Do not delete your post unless specifically requested by the mod or by a member of the DW Staff (and please make sure the person contacting you is actually a member of the DW Staff if they are claiming to be). This goes doubly for deleting posts that have received replies. Deleting a post that has received replies means we lose all the comments, discussion, and conversations that were left. Deleting a post with comments when there is a conflict occurring makes it difficult to resolve the issue between the users involved.

Similarly, DO NOT delete comments left by another person. If you are the original poster, the most you should be doing is freezing threads or screening comments. If you delete comments, we have no record of what happened should it become important to verify the information (e.g. if there was a dispute). If there is something inappropriate with their comment(s), contact the mod, or if the comment violates DW policy (hate speech, threats, revealing personal information such as address, phone number), screen the comment (this hides it) then contact the mods. Deleting your own comments to fix messed up html, typos, or such is completely fine.

3. Please place all large images behind a cut. If you are posting several images, please place any of them past the first behind the cut. The mod may request you resize an image or place it behind a cut if it breaks the layout.

4. By joining this community, you acknowledge that you are aware that R/NC-17 content may be posted here. If you are a minor or if it is illegal for you to view such material in your area, please refrain from clicking on any links to adult content. Dramione and its maintainers are not responsible for minors viewing such material.

5. OT posting is welcome, to a degree. Please try to keep it specific to Harry Potter. Posting movie news and/or upcoming book news is fine (remember to place large or multiple images behind a cut). If you're not sure if your post is off-topic, try to add in some Draco/Hermione content. You can always contact the mods through the DW message system or email.

That said, art/fic should be centred on Draco/Hermione. Non-D/Hr pairings are allowed provided D/Hr is the main pairing/focus of the art/fic.

6. Promotion posts for communities/exchanges/sites/etc. that do not allow Draco/Hermione will not be allowed at this community.

7. This community is focused on Draco and Hermione, the fictional characters from the Harry Potter series. Gossip about the actors (Tom Felton and Emma Watson) from the films is not appropriate for this community, nor is discussion of their respective significant others. RPF is not permitted.

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