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Come Hell or High Water ([personal profile] musyc) wrote in [community profile] dramione2014-04-27 10:03 pm

Crack Broom needs reccers!

Hello, hello Dramione shippers. The crack_broom community needs help from Dramione fans. There was no one to rec in April at all, and currently there is no one to rec for May. The sign-up post is located here.

Reccing for crack_broom is very simple. The minimum required is four fic recs (from different authors) in a month. That's only one a week. You're also allowed to rec an additional four fics if you choose, plus art, vids, and podfic. The allowable recs are these:

You then need to post a minimum of four fic recs over the month, you can also rec up to four more fics (maximum eight altogether). Up to two of these recs can be re-recs of old fics. The flier may also post a total of four additional recs made up of any combination of ART, VID and PODFIC recs. These are not included in the four minimum, or eight maximum fic rec count for the month. The same fic cannot be recced as a fic and as a podfic.

A change in the rules means that fics recced previously, like the classics you know and love or that really hot fic from an older fest, are allowed to be recced again.

Recs can be from anywhere online, so that includes, H&V, AO3, wattpad, - wherever! Rules and the question post are here.

Dramione used to have a good showing on crack_broom, but we've faded out in recent months. I know a lot of shippers have moved to Tumblr, but I know there's also still a lot of fans everywhere. If the queue empties and it's hard to get people to sign up, the pairing could get moved down to rare. Let's keep that from happening! Please sign up if you know that you can follow through and make four recs in your assigned month.