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Recs: Week 8

Oooooo, slipping in under the wire this week. I've been editing my Otter and Ferret fic. Cannot wait for that to go up. XD

This time, on the bi-weekly recs, I'd like to focus on one of my favorite graphic artists. You may know her from Livejournal ([ profile] pink_martini2), Tumblr ([ profile] pink-martini), or DeviantArt ([ profile] yourcherrylips). Whatever site or user name you know her by, you've probably seen Viv's work. I've been watching her for years, and I've seen her style evolve and improve by leaps and bounds. Always impressive to me. Here's a few (and only a few, because there's so many!) of my favorites of her work.

Zip me up? by ~yourcherrylips on deviantART

Stand by ~yourcherrylips on deviantART

Wounds Wallpaper 1440x900 by ~yourcherrylips on deviantART

Viv was also the lovely person who made the 10,000 post anniversary wallpaper for [ profile] dramione, which is available in this LJ post. (And my icon! I told you I like her work. XD )