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I just fell into D/Hr, so I thought I'd stop by this community and say 'hi'!

I come bearing two quick humorous fic recs:

A Proper Expression of Gratitude (3571 words) by faviconGreenschist: Never again will Hermione leave Draco unattended with a stack of blank cards and their address book; or, Hermione teaches Draco how to say "thank you."

Diplomatic Relations by [personal profile] eevilalice: Blaise and the rest of Slytherin House are fed up with Draco's complaints about Hermione. So Blaise takes matters into his own hands in the form of a letter. (This one just won a [ profile] dramione_ldws challenge)

Enjoy! :)


Sep. 3rd, 2010 10:17 pm
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Dramione refugees, represent! XD

Okay, so this comm hasn't seen much activity, but I'm hoping to see that change. We want to get posts and links and all sorts of joy going on. Feel free to introduce yourself if you're new, re-introduce yourself if you've been around for a while and please! enjoy yourself.

(Sorry about the long rules post, btw, but I needed to leave it uncut to make it a sticky post. DW does those different.)
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I'm not sure how much of the D/Hr LJ fandom will migrate to DW, but for those who do I wanted to make sure we had some place to keep talking about our ship!

Comments/suggestions welcome, hopefully I won't be the member for long. ;)

eta - I plan to slip a layout onto this place, but have to find one that will work well.


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