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So, I recently made an unpleasant discovery over at LJ. I posted a link to The Days That Lie Ahead at seven HP fanfiction, character-centric or ship-centric communities, explicitly as a 'Happy Halloween' fic. All the communities were moderated. A few were high-traffic, the rest were not.

Out of the seven communities, only two posted it practically immediately. Which, while slightly disappointing, was fine. What surprised me was when I saw posts which had definitely been submitted after mine going up at the two high-traffic communities.

Long story short, I contacted the mods and asked if I'd done something wrong, and found two very surprised and tired mods. Apparently, LJ is now auto-moderating posts to communities that contain off-site links. Which would of course include AO3. I checked the other posts at [ profile] dracoxhermione, and posts dated back to October 17th included links to Dreamwidth, Hawthorne & Vine, and Archive of Our Own. The mod at [ profile] dracoxhermione had no idea that this was happening, because the community was not supposed to have moderated posting, and she had not changed the settings herself. That community is now off moderated posting, apparently reversing a change that LJ made without informing the mod.

At [ profile] hp_fanfiction, the exact same thing had happened. It has now posted fics that date back to October 8th, and include links to, AO3, and an image hosting service. It is now off moderated posting, which the mod implied was not set by the mod, but by LJ.

I have now contacted mods at all the other communities where my fic has not posted, because I strongly suspect that similar things have happened there as well, since nothing has been posted to those communities since early or mid-October.

My Dramione-relevant question is this: where should one go these days to promote fic for our ship?

It appears that LJ is becoming less and less useful for contacting other people interested in the ship (due to a combo of fandom demographics changing, moving to other sites, and changes that are hostile to off-site links due to a war with spammers). The exception is [ profile] dramione, which remains the center of LJ Draco/Hermione fandom. The other active/well-moderated communities on LJ are usually for a specific event, exchange or fest. DW is like cake to post to, so I'll never stop promoing over here, but other sites are more confusing to me. Do people find tumblr useful for fic promo? I know that it's pretty image-based. Twitter?

I post at H+V and AO3, and while has the numbers, I remain on the fence/slightly adverse in regards to posting there for reasons I won't go into. So, that's my Draco/Hermione question. Where's the fandom, and what does one do with fic after one's written it? :P


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