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I'm a big fan of horror in general and left a bunch of prompts for the [community profile] hp_darkarts Horror fest this year. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to go through all the entries yet. But the amazing [personal profile] digthewriter made a wonderful piece of art for me based on my BTVS/Angel prompt.

Basically, I love the idea of Wesley being a rogue demon hunter, especially since this is Angel Season 1 where he's still an uptight, nerdy former Watcher. He's definitely not the bad ass he becomes later in the series. I thought it would be funny if this was adapted to HP with Draco as Wesley, trying to be a rogue demon hunter, and of course being terrible at it.

Dig did an amazing job adapting my prompt to art. She somehow managed to make Harry and Draco sexy with still showing how terrible Draco is at being a demon hunter. And, of course, Harry loves him anyway. I'm going to shut up now. Just check out the art and leave Dig some love! ♥

Draco Malfoy Rogue Demon Hunter

Poor babies

May. 21st, 2017 10:52 pm
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We had a contractor at the house today, replacing the floors in a couple of rooms. (Bamboo planks! Very pretty, very slippery.) Lots of noise, lots of banging. The poor cats. They were terrified. They couldn't stand to be inside the house. And it was raining most of the day. They couldn't stand to be outside the house!

They all had to pick the lesser evil, and all four of them chose to remain outside until dark. The three older cats were okay, but poor Cinders. My little sweetheart. She's not yet a year old, so things still make her nervous. When she finally slinked back into the house, she was wet. And she was so scared she was trembling as she crawled into my lap. She hasn't gone more than two feet away from me since. Many snuggles coming tonight.

That was ... unusual

May. 20th, 2017 06:21 pm
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On my way home today, I had to wait for the turn-off to my neighborhood. This in itself is odd, because in a rural area like this, there isn't a lot of traffic.

But today, that wasn't even the really strange part.

Today, the completely unexpected traffic consisted of nearly a dozen Ford Model Ts.

No idea where they came from, no idea where they were going. Just ... hey. That's a bunch of old, old cars. Fun. XD

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May. 18th, 2017 06:05 pm
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1. Got a knock on the door yesterday. Dog warden! Going through and checking dog tags/registrations. I grinned to tell him no, no dogs here, just cats. He laughed. "Don't need tags for those!"

Chatted with him for a couple of minutes. He was very pleased that my neighborhood (which I'm assuming is all six streets that come off the inlet street. And since this is a rural area, that's actually a couple of square miles.) is very good about registering dogs. He said they'd counted fifteen dogs so far that morning and only two were unregistered or not wearing tags.

I agreed. This neighborhood has always been very good about dogs. The few that are allowed to run off-leash are very friendly, never bother other animals. I don't worry about the cats outside, not from dogs.

2. Except for an ill-considered cut my senior year, I've always had long hair. And for pretty much my entire life, I've given the ends of my hair a sideways look for being "ragged". Like, an inch or two shorter on the sides, a vague sort of V shape. Was always a little bit disappointed that it wouldn't grow in a more regular line.

Then a couple of nights ago, I link-hopped my way into a long hair forum. And some of the threads talked about that very sort of hemline on long hair. And most of the commenters in those threads were wildly envious. They called it "fairy tale hair".

A lightning bolt hit me. Dear green angels, I had never thought of that before but it was true. Every time I see a fairy tale/romantic illustration or movie or whatnot, the hair is always long and drifty and wispy at the ends, and it looks a heckuva lot like mine. Something to think about! And time to appreciate my hair a lot more. XD


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