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Short & Fluffy Fic Recs

It's summer, and I wanted some fluff! So, I went poking around Dreamwidth in search of ficlets. You know, the kind that are oh so fun to read, but often don't make it to an archive, alas. So, in the spirit of summer, have some short, fluffy Dramione ficlets, courtesy of authors on Dreamwidth.

Brave Little Gryffindor & Sneaky Little Slytherin by [personal profile] scifichick774
Summary: Fred and George’s teasing goes awry after Hermione’s graduation ceremony.

Afraid of the Dark by [personal profile] scifichick774
Summary: Draco’s whinging might be annoying, but it’s effective.

Going In Blind by [personal profile] ayane_tsurugi
Summary: She would never forgive Ginny for talking her into this.

Questionable Accomplices by [personal profile] ayane_tsurugi
Summary: Trying to hide something at Hogwarts is difficult. When everything goes wrong, it's impossible.

The Art of Eloping Magically by [personal profile] ayane_tsurugi
Summary: Even eloping is different in the Wizarding World.

A Blatant Affair by [personal profile] gorgeousnerd
Summary: Just how secret is Hermione's secret relationship?

Christmas with the In-Laws by [personal profile] bendleshnitz1
Summary: After last year's fiasco, Hermione takes Draco to spend Christmas with her parents.

Blind Date by [personal profile] zarahjoyce
Summary: Harry, Ron, and Pansy - three people stupid enough to set up Draco Malfoy on a blind date with Hermione Granger. What could possibly go wrong?

Wit's End by [personal profile] zarahjoyce
Summary: Draco Malfoy and sex were two completely irrelevant, unrelated terms... or at least, that was what Hermione Granger thought.

Five Counts by [personal profile] zarahjoyce
Summary: Weasley unknowingly tests Draco's patience; Draco counts to five.

Doggy Bag by [personal profile] scarletladyy
Summary: Draco learns a new muggle phrase.

My Mistake by [personal profile] lokifan
Summary: Hermione’s told Ron and Harry the truth; Draco wants to tell her the truth.

Theobroma by [personal profile] eevilalice
Summary: Hermione's having a rough time of it following a break-up with Ron and with her final year at Hogwarts drawing to a close. Draco (awkwardly and perhaps self-interestedly) attempts to lift her spirits.

Diplomatic Relations by [personal profile] eevilalice
Summary: Blaise and the rest of Slytherin House are fed up with Draco's complaints about Hermione. So Blaise takes matters into his own hands.

Expectations by [personal profile] borax38
From the prompt: "I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble." -- Helen Keller